Friday, July 15, 2011

~Day 6 – 10 things you can’t live without in lolita.~

1. The internet, that's where you buy the pretty clothes. where you expand your wardrobe. (and find Loli friends)
2. JSKs
3. Boleros/Cardigans
4. Cute Shoes
5. Cute Bags
6. Accessorys - something pretty for your hair, a diadem or hairclips. and also a necklace or other jewlery if it feels neccisary for the look of the outfit.
7. Stockings/Bloomers preferably a Petticoat/Crinoline as well.
8. Deodorant, a good hygine is quite pleasant, don't you think.?
9. Make up, I don't need it everytime I wear lolita, but it can complete an outfit in a better way sometimes.
10. Meet ups, they are just lovely. It's nice meeting up with other Lolitas sharing information about places where you can buy things. or buy second hand by someone local. Then again I don't need meetups to wear Lolita, I do that anyway, but, it's a bit nicer when you meet up with people who share your adoration for the fashion. And to make new friends is always nice. ^^


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