Sunday, January 30, 2011

~The Studio - Photos of me~

Today (30/1-2011) Me and my sister, Sanna, and her "sisterinlaw" Malin went to a place called The Studio, where you can act as a model for a day. Which we all did. These are my pictures:

My first outfit:
JSK: Metamophose
Necklace: Baby the stars shine bright.

Second outfit:
Wasn't Lolita, but pretty anyways.
Dress and Cardigan: New Look (UK)
Necklace: Claire's (UK)

Third outfit:
JSK: Angelic Pretty
Necklace: Baby the stars shine bright
Shoes: RHS from Ebay.

I had alot of fun today. and got myself a bunch of cute pictures. ^^
Have you guys ever done something like this? ^^

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

~Longing for a home of my own~

A Swedish (not lolita) author of a blog called UnderbaraClara made this really clever accessory hanger.
A really lovely frame and then just a few threads as hangers for example earrings. ^^
I will definatly try this sometime, I have two golden frames that has nothing in them, so this will be great. ^^

And this brings me to "I long for a place to call my own"-part, at this moment I have a room at my school, where I live while I study, but during breaks and such, then it's back home to my parents place. Don't get me wrong, I love my family and I love our house, it's just that, as you all know, I'm 21 years old, and now I want an apartment of my own. (I've wanted that for over a year now)

This summer I don't know how many paintings I've brought but I love them all, but just one of them is on my wall in my room at home. (where I live with my parents) I have a beautiful rococo-inspired sofa/couch and lots of pretty thing for my future kitchen. I just really want to decorate an apartment for myself, make myself a place to call home, where I'm in charge of everything.

But I still have a year left at this school, so it's no point for me to get myself an apartment at this moment. But after I've finished this school, then I'll get myself an apartment, maybe go to university learn a few languages and learn how to start a buisness. ^^ So I'm really looking forward til the day I'm done getting my grades at this school. don't get me wrong again, I love this school, I really like it here, but I still want that apartment, and the feeling of that my life is acctually going somewhere.

oh, I guess this post got a bit more personal than I intended in the first place. Maybe some of you can recognize yourselves?
But otherwise the accessory hanger was nice wasn't it? ;)


~Zoë's new faceup - BJD talk~

The 5th of January I went to bring home my doll Zoë's head. A friend of mine made a new face up on her! ^^ And it's amazing:
Even without lashes and eyes she already look wonderful. ^^

Zoë with her new faceup and all. ~

Just because she's so darn cute! ~

My mum made a kimono for Zoë, 6th of January.~

And after alot of days of thinking I decided to sell my Ange Ai - Hani from Customhouse, She just wasn't Tiara anymore.
Even though she got a lovely kimono (made by my mum) aswell, she just wasn't Tiara. But now she has a great home with my friend Anna. She brought her on the 8th of January. ~

So with the money I sold Hani for, and some extra from my account, I brought a Littlefee Bisou (from Fairyland) as Tiara instead, and I'm sure it will be great! I love her. ~

~Lisa, it's your birthday (4th of January)~

Happy birthday, Lisa! ^^v
Okay, this was a week ago, but still:
I turned 21 at the 4th of January 2011. :D
I wore my lovely Metamorphose JSK and a cute necklace I brought in England. ^^

I also wore the earrings my dad brought home with him from his trip to Peru.

And this is what I got:
Shampoo & Conditioner from the Bodyshop. ^^
Marabou white chocolate! ^^
Felicias mother, who's also my friend, she brought me the harmonica, she's crazy that lady, but I love her. I don't know how to play an harmonica, but I will try to learn, just like the ukulele she gave me last year. But it's hard since I don't have a teacher for any of those.

The day after my birthday my two other sisters came to congratulate me, then I got:
Hello Kitty necklace and HK "fun n' games" book.
and my other sister brought a leeke world wig for my MSD BJD, Zoë, so I'm still waiting for it to be shipped. ^^v
So for some of my birthday money I bought Kingdom Hearts 2 (on sale) for PS2. So now I've borrowed a ps2 from my oldest sister so I can play it. ^^v (when I've moved out, gotten myself an apartment, then I'll probably by a PS3 so I can play ps2 games on it aswell. So it's not a waste of money, that game. ^^v But now I have to buy the first Kingdom Hearts, I didn't notice that I brought the second game until I got home, but I don't mind playing the games in the wrong order. I've played the first one before anyways.~)
I had a very quiet and nice birthday this year. ^^

~Christmas outfit 2010~

I know this is a very belated blogpost. But I haven't been by my computer, almost at all, the whole christmasbreak, and now school has started again. ~
Anyway, this was my Christmas outfit 2010:
I went a bit over the top with my makeup, false lashes and everything. The funny part was that before I went by the mirror to put on my make up I said to myself "I'll just put on a little.." but then, before I was finished, I had used a whole lot. But it's so much fun putting on makeup, so I got a bit carried away! ~ But it still looks good, doesn't it? ;)

Bolero/Cardigan: Halens (Swedish catalouge)
JSK: Angelic Pretty
Necklace: Baby the stars shine bright.
Wristcuffs: Made by my mum.
Hairaccessorys: Sparkly flowers from Claire's in Christchurch.

And this is what I got for christmas:
- Wristcuffs
- Decorative pillows shaped as hearts
- bedding/sheets
- Movie ticket (I went to see Harry Potter 7 part 1)
- a little box in steampunk style.

I hope you all had a great christmas! ^^