Sunday, November 20, 2011

~18th of November 2011, Autumn Lights~ (image heavy)

My sister, Anette, got invited to be a part of the opening act to the annual light festival in our town. She manage to let me and my sister, Sanna, be a part of that aswell. So what we had to do was to dress up as something fairytale-like. Anette was asked to wear her Red Queen costume, and Sanna went as Red Riding Hood and I decided to go as a Princess. 

Putting on my make-up. ~


Just to show off my make-up. ^^v

My sister Sanna. ^^

My sisters are awesome. Anette & Sanna.

My outfit:
JSK: Angelic Pretty
Blouse: made by my mum
Heartbag: Bodyline
Shoes: Ebay. 

Even my phone was pretty and sparkly. ^^v

Touching up my make-up before going out.

Waiting for the elevator to arrive. ^^v My coat is from H&M. 

Waiting for the opening to begin. There where quite a few fairytale creatures at this thing. Also Princess Peach and other characters. Alot of characters from Alice in wonderland. The girls sitting on the floor where from the ballet academy, and they where supposed to be like aliens or futuristic or something.

Anette being a fierce Red Queen. 
After we had been at the opening we where both tired and hungry so we stopped at a resturant to eat some food. ^^

Just because she's so darn cute. ^^

It was alot of fun to walk around acting like a princess. Our "mission" was to spread joy in the audience and act like fairytale creatures. There was also a teaparty table at this park. But they didn't have any chairs around it so it felt a bit stupid standing by the table drinking tea, but the people there seemed to enjoy seeing all of us there. There where alot of kids there, and they seemed so happy when they saw us. Especially happy to see Red Riding Hood, and they asked the Red Queen "why do you want to kill Alice?". And there where alot of pictures taken of all of us.


Thursday, November 17, 2011


Have I mentioned that I love to sing?
Here are two videos from two of my performances at school.

First video: 17th of May 2011:

Second Video: 19th of October 2011:

Hope you like it. ^^v

Thursday, November 3, 2011

~New Hairstyle, phone and Thanks!~

Hi everyone! First of all I'd like to thank all 46 of my followers. It's nice to notice that people enjoy reading my posts. I do know that there are more people reading my blog, and I'd just like to say that I appreciate it. ^^ so Thanks to all of you!

I have a new phone, a ZTE Blade, I like it alot, my very first smartphone! :)

And here are some photos from my phone that I took before and after my visit to the hairdresser:
Before: My hair was quite lifeless and tired.

After: A sneakpeek at the result. I've got bangs! ^^v

The result! I really do like it! :D My hair is much more lively now.


~22nd of October 2011, Lolita meetup~

The 22nd of October I went to another Lolita meetup with my local community at a café.

My cousin Jonas came and sat with us for awhile. ^^

A new and adoreable face to come to our meetup was Mimmi. She came later (when Jonas left) and she had an amazing story to tell, she had been in a car accident just the day before but she wanted to stop by to say hello anyway. It was very nice to meet her. :)

Group photo with everyone exept Mia who took the picture. ^^v

Mia in her homemade dress. She's really good at sewing. ^^

Anette in a JSK our mother made. :)

Louise in a adoreable Angelic Pretty piece. ^^

Sanna in a elegant Metamorphose dress. ^^

And Me in my favorite Baby the stars shine bright JSK.

Shoe-photo. ~


I just had to show you Louise dress print. That horse is so fluffy and cute! ^__^

I'm really looking forward to the December meetups we are planning. ^^v