Thursday, April 28, 2011

~Introducing Tiara (BJD)~

These are my two dolls, BJDs, Zoë (Minifee Ryeon from Fairyland) and Tiara (Littlefee Bisou from Fairyland.)

So this is my newest one. And she's so adorable! :)

I got her 18th of March this year. ^^
(That's the same day as my cousin gave birth to her baby girl, same year aswell.)

Here are some picture my friend Malin took of Tiara: (It's Malin's doll dress)

So she's definatly adorable in Lolita aswell. :3

I've had a break during easter, that's why I haven't written anything here for over a week. And as you allready know I don't post here regular in the first place, but I try. ^^ Might get easier now when summer is coming, the local Lolita community will probably have more meetups, so there will be more Lolita pictures to come. ^^v


Thursday, April 7, 2011

~4th of April 2011- Outfit of the day~

Necklace: Baby the stars shine bright.
Hair accessorys: Offbrand
Earrings: Offbrand

Closeup on my curls.~

Cardigan: Halens (Swedish company)
Dress: Made by my mum.
The rest: Offbrand.

Just to show you how the fabric on the dress actually looks.

I went to a Café with my friend Tova. ^^ I had a really nice time. ~



This is my dear sister Sanna, and Kreativatanten is the name of her awesome blog!
Check it out here.

She mainly writes in Swedish, but fret not, she's trying to translate all of her posts into English, so the red text in the end of each post is a translation that everyone can read. ^^v

Since I took up the subject of confidence lately I wanted to give you the knowlage of her blog, since she's giving "lessons" in how to gain a better confidence. ^^v
And this is my 70th post so I figured I'd celebrate by showing some love to others.
I hope Sanna can help boost your confidence aswell.

And I also want to thank all of you 34 people who are followers of my blog, I appreciate it very much! ^^ And I'll try to get better at posting here more often.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

~shelbycloud - Self confidence and lolita fashion~

I just wanted to show you this video about self confidence and Lolita fashion that shelbycloud made in 2009. She has a bunch of great stuff to say and she's a supercute Lolita. ^^v

Here is her youtube channel: shelbycloud




~Wavy hair from braids~

I slept with braids in my hair, and when I woke up my hair looked like this!
A very natural and easy way to get wavy hair. ^^

JSK: Metamorphose
Necklace: Baby the stars shine bright


~Tartancheck jumper skirt head bow SET~

I love this JSK from Baby the stars shine bright!
I hope I will be able to buy this one next month. ~