Thursday, July 14, 2011

~Day 5 – 10 items from your wishlist.~

Okay, these are 10 things from my wishlist, the order is not in how much I want the specific piece, because I want them all almost just as much. ^^

1. Pearl Pastry Mini hat from Imperial Fiddlesticks design:
2. Minkyshop Tea Party shoes: (in all colours)

3. Innocent Worlds Little Ribbon and Pearl Wrist Cuffs:

4. Innocent Worlds Lame Dot JSK. (Any JSK from IW would be nice actually but this one stood out today.)

5. Secret Garden Misty Morning mini hat from Imperial Fiddlesticks design: (any hat from her would be amazing to have.)

6. More of the homemade JSKs like the one I have on this picture: (with other fabric ofc.)

7. Gothic Lolita Wigs. (any colour, preferably Pink and Blond though.)

8. Crinoline from Viola Lahger. (in a shorter length so I can wear it with Lolita)

9. These Bodyline shoes:

10. Baby belt short boots from baby the stars shine bright:


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