Monday, December 20, 2010

~Lolita Christmas Meetup~

I went to a Lolita meetup on the 18th of December.
It was christmas/winter theme.
I had curled my hair by rolling my hair up and then slept with it rolled up.
Me and my sister Sanna.
She was wearing a Metamorphose dress while I was only wearing homemade clothes. ^^v
At the meetup:

We swaped christmas gifts:
Everyone who showed up to the meetup:
I had a really lovely time. ^^ It was nice to go to a Lolita meetup, it's been quite awhile since my last meetup, unfortunatly. Let's hope there will be more Lolita meetups this winter. ^^

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

~Innocent World - Wishlist.~

I've found what I want from Innocent World. Oh, how I wish I had the money for it..

Lauretta Rose OP:
I don't know which colour I want on it though either this white/ivory one..

Or the Brown one. I really love both of them.

And I still wish for these wristcuffs. they are just stunning.

A pair of lovely white ancle socks.

And this great bag!

I would just love to have these items. gosh they are so pretty. ^^
Well.. my birthday is coming up in January. haha, I doubt anyone would buy me any of these though, but a girl can always dream. ^^v


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

~BJD wishlist and plans.~

Right now I have two dolls, a Ange Ai - Hani (Tiara) from Custom House and a Minifee Ryeon (Zoë) from Fairyland.
Like so many others I would love to expand my doll family even further.
So this is my wishlist:
Supia Lina = Adelle, Tiaras mother. Zoës sister.
Minifee Shushu = Iyari, Zoë's girlfriend.
Kiddelf Bory = Cyrus, Zoë's childhood friend and room-mate.
Kiddelf Cherry Elf = Cherish, a elf that Cyrus finds and takes home.
Minifee Karsh = Damon, a half elf that searches for Cherish. they are friends and wants to be more.
Minifee Seorin = Andrew, Cyrus's boyfriend to-be.

My doll Zoë is going to have a make-over, she's going to get a new faceup by a friend of mine and I'm going to order a new wig aswell.
I'm really looking forward to this. ^^


Sunday, November 7, 2010

~England, new hair, new nails.~

1 o'clock the night between 31st of October and 1st of November I went from my school in Sweden. I reached my hostfamily, here in Christchurch, England, around 21.30 on the 1st.
So now I've been here for almost a week, and I love it here! our hostfamily is great, I love Theresa, Jim and all their animals, William the loving dog, Sandy Mcgregor the cozy cat and the other cat that I always forget the name of, I think it's something like Kenko or so. ^^
I got into the advanced english class at school here. so that feels great. ^^
This is my new haircolour:
Yesterday me and my friend Felicia went to a placed called Lavish here in christchurch and got our nails done. Acrylic nails. ^^
So here are my nails:

After we went to Lavish we went to a place where they did nailart, so that's where I got my sparkly hearts from. ~

Felicia's nails:

Me and Felicia:
Me and Felicia share the same hostfamily. and it's just great, we got the best family and well, we are awesome friends so I really love it! ^^
Mostly we've been in Christchurch this week, we did try to go to Bornemouth one day, but we got off the bus too early and so we happened to go to Boscome instead. XD but it was nice there aswell, however we will go to Bornemouth this week, and possibly go out dancing in bornemouth next weekend. ^^
I'm really looking forward to the Lolita meetup on the 4th of December!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I figured I should make a wishlist since Christmas and later my 21st birthday (4th of January) is coming up. So this post is mostly for my family. ~
My wishlist:
These shoes from Bodyline, Japanese size: 25. Colours: Pink, Brown and/or Black.
The "Little Ribbon and Pearl Wrist Cuffs" from Innocent World.

The "Emblem Embroidery Bag" also from Innocent World.

From Baby the stars shine bright I would like the "Princess Honey's tea salon Rose Ribbon Jumperskirt".

I'll continue the list of things I want here:
- Firefly complete series (299kr, Discshop)
- Serenity (59kr, Discshop)
- Criminal Minds Season 4 (499kr, Discshop)
- Dollhouse Season 2 (349kr, Discshop)
- Bones Season 2 --> (249kr, Discshop)
- Supernatural Season 1--> (249kr~, Discshop)
- Fruits Basket Book; 9 --> (Manga. adlibris)
- Buffy the vampire slayer, Wolves at the gate (Comic/Graphic Novel. 122kr, adlibris)
- Buffy the vampire slayer, Time of your life (Graphic Novel. adlibris)
- Buffy the vampire slayer, Predators and Pray (Graphic Novel. adlibris)
- Buffy the vampire slayer, Retreat (Graphic Novel. adlibris)
- Angel: After the fall vol: 1 --> (Graphic Novel. adlibris)
- Musical movies. like: The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Rent, Hair, Hairspray, Chicago, Crybaby, Phantom of the Opera.~ (You get my point, right?)
- Movies
So that's a few tips of what I wish for christmas and my birthday, ofcourse there is so much more that I will be happy for, and I'm sure you'll find something that suits my taste. ^^v
Good luck.~

Sunday, October 24, 2010

~Haircolours and English study~

I already told you that I will go study at CELC in England 1st of November, but now I'm starting to feel that it is really soon, so I'm bringing it up again. It's only a week away! oh my gosh. I'm really nervous, but also exited. ^^
I'll take the information again, I'm going to Christchurch near Bournmouth. And I will be there for about 6 weeks to study English. until 11th of December, that's when I'm going home.
And the really awesome part is that 4th of December, when the Winter International Lolita day is, I will meet up with atleast 3 English Lolitas! I'm really looking forward to that. Ofcourse I'm not going alone, I'm bringing my best friend. (who I gave a pretty Bodyline jsk as an early christmas present!)
And like I said before, I've never been outside of Sweden and I've never traveled by airplane, so the nervous and exited part comes alot from this aswell. But I'm sure I'll have a great time over there. ^^
Oh, right I almost forgot, I'll try to post as much as I can here, when I'm in England, so I can't promise this blog will be entirely about Lolita then, but it's my life, so I'll concentrate on the Life part of the name of my blog, hope that's Ok. ;D

Now to something entirely different..
I've been blond during summer, and now my hair is growing, and I haven't dyed it in awhile. But now I'm wondering if I should try to dye it in a colour closer to my natural one.?
I really like being blond, but after a few weeks or so the roots gets dark and it's just not fun anymore. and it's a troublesome cost, that I don't necissarily need.~
I'm just wondering a bit, thinking.~
I'll probably go for a more natural colour now. It's less expensive, and my hair will probably thank me for it. ^^v But I don't mind if you guys come with any comments on my haircolour anyways. ^^v
Thanks for reading! Take care! ~


~Coastal Scents 88 Eyeshadow palettes~

1th of October I got my two 88 eyeshadow palettes from Coastal scents. ^^ I got both the ultra shimmer one and the normal(color) one. ^^

Closeup on "Ultra Shimmer".

Close up on "Color".

I really love them, they are great. so many colours, sometimes it gets hard to choose which colours to match. ^^ but it's alot of fun. however I don't wear makeup every day, so I've only used them a couple of times. but I really really like them. ^^


Saturday, October 23, 2010

~14th of October 2010, BJD box-opening, again.~

14th of October I went to a mini BJD-meetup.
And to explain a bit, when me and my sister got our Custom House dolls the weekend before we realized that my doll Pandora actually was Sannas character Stjärna (swedish for Star). So she bought it from me, since I didn't really connect with Pandora myself. And luckily a girl from another part of Sweden was selling a bjd I've wanted for a really long time: a minifee Ryeon. So I sold a doll so I could afford a new one. ^^v

I wore a light green makeup, however it doesn't show much in this photo. XD

(thanks to my friend Malin for all the awesome box-opening pictures lately!)

Look how cute she is:
I've decided to call her Zoë.

I had also bought a pair of socks for her, from another girl here in Sweden.



~10th of October, Tiara pictures again.~

The pencilcase belongs to Malin, it's from Baby the stars shine bright. Tiara looks really cute with it. ^^


~9th of October, Lolita meetup and Tiara pics~

9th of October I went to a Lolita gathering. We went to a café, ate some cake and then we took some pictures in the park outside. ^^ It was alot of fun. everyone is so nice and sweet. ^^

I wore my new Metamorphose JSK, it worked so well for the Autumn theme I was going for. ^^
After the meetup me and my sister went back to our friend Malin, she was with us to the Lolita meetup, but she's not in the pictures since she doesn't want to be in pictures.

Here are two pictures of Tiara:


~8th of October 2010, BJD box-opening~

Friday 8th of October I got my long awaited package from Custom House. I've waited for this order for almost 34 weeks! But finally I got my doll a Ange Ai - Hani. ~
My sister also ordered a doll with me, so she's the redhaired girl in the pictures. ^^v


This is what I got:
However, I did not like the default faceup that I got for her. it was just so blah, it didn't have blush or anything that made it life-like. >.<

But luckily I have a awesome sister who can make pretty face-ups for bjds. Yay for her! :D

New Faceup:
Look how pretty she is now! ^^ I'm so happy.~
Her name is Tiara.