Saturday, May 29, 2010

~Buying Lolita Secondhand~

Here are two items I'm going to buy secondhand from two Swedish Lolitas soon:

Baby the stars shine bright - heart bag in light pink.

Angelic Pretty - polkadot jsk.

And thanks to my lovely sister Sanna I can buy the Angelic Pretty jsk aswell, she has borrowed me money so I can buy it, and I'll repay her this fall when I have more money. She's an angel. ^^
This will be my first Angelic Pretty piece. ^_^

This is what's so great about having more Lolitas in your country, you can buy pretty Lolita things and not worry about shippingfees or other fees for that matter. It's simple and cheaper. ^^v


Thursday, May 20, 2010

~Questions to all Lolitas, I need your help~

Hello Lolitas!
I would be really happy if you all could help me by answering a few questions about Lolita, it's for an assignment for school. So I would be very greatful if you could answer these questions and send your answers to me at my e-mail:

Location: (Country/City)
Homepage: (Blog)
What style of Lolita do you wear the most?
What is your favorite brand?
Why Lolita?
How did you come in contact with Lolita, when was that?
How long have you been dressing in Lolita?
Is Lolita only a fashion to you, or also a lifestyle? (explain please. ^^)
Do you wear Lolita every day or only at special occations?
Thoughts about brand and offbrand: (are offbrand a big "no-no" to you, or not?)
How can you afford it? (do you work, save money a really long time, buy from cheaper places or do you sew your own clothes?)
How does your family/friends react to your fashion style / and how does unknown people on the street react when they see you?
Tips for people who wants to get into the Lolita fashion:
Something else (do you have something more to say about Lolita, write it here:)"

Thank you so much for answering my questions. It will help me a whole lot. ^_^


Swedish version:

Plats: (Land/Stad)
Hemsida: (Blogg/Bilddagbok)
Vilken stil av Lolita bär du mest?
Vilket är ditt favorit Lolita märke?
Varför Lolita?
Hur kom du i kontakt med Lolita modet, och när var det?
Hur länge har du burit Lolita kläder?
Är Lolita bara ett mode för dig eller också en livsstil? (förklara gärna)
Har du Lolita varje dag eller bara vid speciella tillfällen?
Tankar kring brand och offbrand (är offbrand ett stort "no-no" för dig eller inte?)
Hur har du råd? (tex. arbetar du och får bra lön, sparar du jättelänge, köper du billigare kläder, eller syr du kanske själv?)
Reaktioner från familj/vänner och okända?
Tips till personer som vill börja klä sig i Lolita:
Övrigt: (har du något mer du vill säga kring Lolita, skriv det här)"

Monday, May 17, 2010

~Baby wishlist~

My Baby the stars shine bright wishlist right now:
Classic Rose Headbow

Merry Pagota Umbrella

Usakumya pochette

Embroidery pocket JSK


Sunday, May 16, 2010

~Fairykei - glasses~

All pictures were found here:
I've fallen in love with these wonderfully geeky-glasses. ^__^
And I really love when they are in these lovely baby-pastell colours.
I would like those glasses in these colours: baby pink, baby yellow, baby blue, white, black. perhaps in a baby mint green colour too. ^_^
However I have to face the facts, I don't have alot of money, so I don't think I can find a pair of these glasses that I can buy that are with glas that works with my eyes.
So I got the brilliant idea that I could use a pair of these new 3D glasses you get when you go to 3D movies. ^^ And you can colour them in some way so they'll be the colours that you want. ^__^ I would really like to try out that idea some time. I belive alot of girls allready have had that idea and done great. ^^

She's just so cute! ^_^
And the glasses suits her very well. ^^

This girl was just so adorable I had to show this picture.
Which I also found at the fairykei tumblr page. ^^

I don't know much about the Fairykei fashion, but I like what I see, however, I'm not sure I could work all the different styles, but I do get inspired. ^^
However Lolita is forever in my heart, so I like to mostly wear that fashion. ^^v But I don't mind trying out something else now and then. ~

So I would like these kinds of glasses that she's wearing, and also wear it with Lolita, or with any other fashion actually. If I feel like having that geeky-touch over my outfit, I'll just wear the glasses. ^^ And I think it would be great. ^_^
So, I guess we'll have to see how my idea goes, I'm pretty sure it will take awhile before I find a way to colour the 3D glasses and such. So hopefully my plan will happen someday, but I can't promise it will happen soon. ~


~15 May 2010 - Outfit of the day.~

Today I was supposed to meet my dear friend Andrea, but she wasn't feeling well, so we had to cancel our meeting. However I was still going into town with my sisters and my niece. ^^
So we wore our Lolita dresses, ate icecream (we really needed it, it was so hot outside. The summer warmth just came overnight a day before or so.) after the icecream we went to see a work in progress of the shortfilm we're in, Name of the movie: Björkpollen of the dead, hopefully they will be done with it this year, but if we're unlucky it will take until next year until it's done. :/ After that me and my sister Sanna went to our friend Malin and had a movie night with her, her boyfriend and our friend Camilla. ^^ it was alot of fun. ^^

Blouse: made by my mum
Dress: Baby the stars shine bright.
Necklace: Baby the stars shine bright.
Shoes: Montreal (LittleChiliLolitaShop @

I just had to take a close up picture of my dress and necklace. I love them so much. the colour of the dress is just wonderful and the necklace is perfect as well. ^^


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

~8 May 2010, Lolita picnic~

Dress: Love Nadia JSK from Bodyline
Cardigan/Bolero: Bodyline, (modified by my mum)
Shoes: Montreal (LittleChiliLolitaShop @

So today I went to a Lolita picnic in Umeå, Sweden. The first one this year actually. We are'nt so many, but more than before, and I don't know all of the people who showed up, but my sisters and a friend of mine showed up with me. ^^

Me at the picnic.
It was good weather, and warm enough, allthough it wasn't summer warmth yet. But better than I had hoped for. ^^v

Two of my sisters, Sanna and Anette. (My other sister Klara was also there, she also wore Lolita from Bodyline, like my two sisters on the picture here. ^^)

My friend and classmate Amanda showed up, even though she doesn't wear lolita, or know much about it, she had a very cute outfit, who looked pretty gothic lolita-ish. ^^
(you can also see a few of the other lolitas who showed up, in the background.)

Yummy! ^__^

He he, a picture of me and my sister will end the pictures from today. (We were goofing around when we were putting on make up and putting on our dresses. :P )

I didn't take that many good pictures, that's why there are so few, but better than nothing, right? ^^v
I think there was only two people who wore Lolita brand clothing (from Angelic Pretty). But I belive that doesn't matter, I think you can look just as good in Bodyline anyways. (I got a bit angry at a person who was bashing Bodyline when almost everyone there was wearing it. o.O and she wasn't exactly silent about it.) (we sat in two different groups so I couldn't really tell her what I thought, from where I sat.) But I don't really got the energy to care about it, it sucks that she had to be so mean, but I know that you can look amazing both in Brand Lolita clothing and offbrand Lolita clothing. For me it doesn't matter if it's brand or not.

Anyway. I had a nice time, and the weather was nice. ^^ allthough we didn't stay long, the picnic began 13.00, and me, my sisters and a few friends went home around 15.00. But it got a bit cold then and we were all kind of tired so we decided to leave. ^^
So it's sad that the picnic got sort of devided, everyone wasn't really able to talk to everyone there, we sort of got seperated into two groups, like I said. ~ But apart from that, it was a great time. ^^v


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

~Bodyline Order Arrival, 3/5-2010~

My Bodyline Order:
Love Nadia JSK.
It's supposed to be Green, but it looks really blue to me. XD

A White Heart-bag. It's so lovely and perfect. ^^

Pink Cardigan/Bolero.
Unfortunatly it was too small around my upper arms. :(

Lovely Poodle JSK.
Lovely dress, however, It was to small around the bust-area. :/

So the Poodle dress and the pink cardigan will probably be sold in the near future, but first I will lend it to a friend of mine, so that she can wear it to the lolita picnic on Saturday. ^^

Lovely Poodle Print.~