Monday, August 30, 2010

~England in November-December~

I just have to tell everybody that 31th of October I'm going to travel to England. To a place called Christchurch near Bournemouth. And this is where I'll live for 6 weeks while I study English there with some of my classmates from the school I'm attending right now. So I will be there until around 12th of December! Which means that I will be in the UK for the winter international Lolita day, 4th of December! So if anyone from around that area happens to be a Lolita, I would love to attend a Lolita meetup there with you. ^^ I can probably travel to London for a Lolita meet up as well. ^^

I've never been outside of Sweden and I've never traveled by an airplane, so this will be both scary and exiting. But I think that I will have a great time overthere. ^^ I'm looking forward to it. ^^

I'll attend a school called CELC (Christian English Language Centre). Where I will improve my english skills. ^^v


Sunday, August 29, 2010

~Lolita meet-up, 28th of August 2010.~

This is what I wore at the small Lolita gathering we had this Saturday. ^^
Necklace: Baby the stars shine bright
Dress: Made by my mum
the rest: offbrand.~


The pretty girl in the pink angelic pretty dress is Louise, she's the one who decided we all should meet this day. ^^

Anton, the only boy who showed up this time, in a lovely Kodona outfit. ^^

Emelie and Emma.
This was Emmas first try at Lolita. (Emma is the girl in Pink bodyline jsk) She looks absolutly stunning! ^^

Me and my tasty lemon cheesecake and irishcream latte.~

Louise and my sister Sanna. ^^


We were 6 persons who showed up for the meetup. ^^
I had a great time, we all got to talk more than usual so that was really nice. ^^
We talked about things like dreams, nostalgic childhood tv-shows/movies and ofcourse about Lolita.

After the meetup, me, Sanna and my other sister Anette went to a chinese resturant. (my niece Enika was also there.~)


Monday, August 2, 2010

~22 July 2010, at Andrea's cabin~

21-22 July I was at Andrea's place.
We took pictures of our dolls:
Pandora and Yuki! ^^
Andrea had just made that pink turtleneck shirt for Yuki when we took the pictures. ^^

They are really cute. ^^
The bonnet that Pandora is wearing is made by my sister Anette. she made it by tatting.


~17 July 2010, BJD meet-up, my first BJD!~

My outfit:
Cardigan/Bolero: Halens (swedish mailorder shop)
Necklace: Baby the stars shine bright.
JSK: Bodyline
The rest: offbrand.

At the BJD meet-up I got to open the box with my first BJD! ^^
Here are some pictures of the box opening:

Happy doll owner! ^_^

It was alot of fun opening the doll box for the first time at a local bjd meet-up since they are all really nice and supporting there. ^^ But it was also really funny that while I was opening the box everybody went totaly silent, so I got a bit nervous since noone said anything and just watched what I was doing. XD
I had already decided a name for her before I got her, and that name is:

Yuki and Pandora.
Yuki is Andrea's doll, Imperial Fiddlesticks.

Pandora in her "real" wig. ^^v
Pandora is a Bambicrony - Elf Charity.
She's about 27cm tall.

18 July my mum made a dress for my doll:
20 July my sister, Sanna, got to do a new face-up on Pandora,
since her old one was broken:


~Wishlist - mostly wristcuffs!~

Wishlist from Angelic Pretty:
These two wristcuffs from AP are really pretty and I would love to own them. ^^v
Pink/White is never wrong with my wardrobe and the Mint coloured ones would go very well with my mint coloured cardigan/bolero. ^^

Wishlist from Innocent World:
A pair of lovely white wristcuffs from IW would be absolutly wonderful. ^^v

And I really really want this bag, you can have things in A4 size in it so it's great. I would love to be the owner of this one as well. ^^v