Monday, July 25, 2011

~Day 11 – One day in your lolita life in pictures.part 2~

Me and Sanna began our drive home to our sister Anette.

But first I went to take out my package from the post office.

In the package was my book. George R R Martins fifth book of his book series A song of Ice and Fire. A Dance with Dragons. (yes, it's the book series the HBO series Game of thrones is based on.)

The book-bus was painted with pictures a local artist have made. She makes amazing artwork. Linda Bergqvist is her name. :)

At Anettes place I began putting on my make up.

Result, without glasses and in the wrong clothes. ~

Finished. :)

Necklace: Baby the stars shine bright
Bolero: Halens
JSK: Baby the stars shine bright
Stockings: Kapphal

When all of us where ready, we began walking to our sister Klaras place. ^^

She made us dinner, Springrolls. so tasty.

Sanna. :3

mmh, our delicious sallad. :)

All of my pretty sisters! :D

In the local bus. The busdriver was playing reggae music, really loud, he's known for it, and we all like it. :)

At "Trädgårn" (translated: The Garden). We had a really lovely time, all of us sisters. we got to meet a guy who had read about "The Game" so he was interesting to listen to. (simply put, the game is about manipulating people to like you.. pretty much, or getting attention might be more correctly put.)


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