Monday, December 20, 2010

~Lolita Christmas Meetup~

I went to a Lolita meetup on the 18th of December.
It was christmas/winter theme.
I had curled my hair by rolling my hair up and then slept with it rolled up.
Me and my sister Sanna.
She was wearing a Metamorphose dress while I was only wearing homemade clothes. ^^v
At the meetup:

We swaped christmas gifts:
Everyone who showed up to the meetup:
I had a really lovely time. ^^ It was nice to go to a Lolita meetup, it's been quite awhile since my last meetup, unfortunatly. Let's hope there will be more Lolita meetups this winter. ^^

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

~Innocent World - Wishlist.~

I've found what I want from Innocent World. Oh, how I wish I had the money for it..

Lauretta Rose OP:
I don't know which colour I want on it though either this white/ivory one..

Or the Brown one. I really love both of them.

And I still wish for these wristcuffs. they are just stunning.

A pair of lovely white ancle socks.

And this great bag!

I would just love to have these items. gosh they are so pretty. ^^
Well.. my birthday is coming up in January. haha, I doubt anyone would buy me any of these though, but a girl can always dream. ^^v


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

~BJD wishlist and plans.~

Right now I have two dolls, a Ange Ai - Hani (Tiara) from Custom House and a Minifee Ryeon (Zoë) from Fairyland.
Like so many others I would love to expand my doll family even further.
So this is my wishlist:
Supia Lina = Adelle, Tiaras mother. Zoës sister.
Minifee Shushu = Iyari, Zoë's girlfriend.
Kiddelf Bory = Cyrus, Zoë's childhood friend and room-mate.
Kiddelf Cherry Elf = Cherish, a elf that Cyrus finds and takes home.
Minifee Karsh = Damon, a half elf that searches for Cherish. they are friends and wants to be more.
Minifee Seorin = Andrew, Cyrus's boyfriend to-be.

My doll Zoë is going to have a make-over, she's going to get a new faceup by a friend of mine and I'm going to order a new wig aswell.
I'm really looking forward to this. ^^