Sunday, January 10, 2010

~Risa-chan 2010~

Since I'm a newbie at blogspot, and it takes forever to upload the photos, I decided to only upload my 2010 photos. ^^ (For Swedish readers i have a picture diary: )

4th of January 2010:

On my 20th birthday I got a bolero/cardigan that my mother made for me. ^^ It's really pretty.~

It looks like I got a tail. XD (My cat refused to move when I sat down, so he was behind me on the chair.)

9th of January 2010:
Outfit of the day. ^^
Blouse: Made by my mum
Dress: Bodyline
Socks: offbrand

I took a picture of my outfit myself. ^^

The secret behind the puffy bellshaped skirt. ^^ A very big petticoat. ~
It was done the night before. ^^ (My creative mother made it. ^^v)

This is my outdoor look in winter. However when I'm outside I also have a pair of white gloves on. It felt very unusual to have such a puffy petticoat under the dress, I couldn't even close my coat over the skirt. XD but I really like the puffy bellshaped look of the skirt. ^^

Me and my sister Sanna. ^^
Bye Bye!~


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