Saturday, January 16, 2010

~Matching Grey and Pink, Boleros from Bodyline~

Like you probably allready know, I'm waiting for this Bodyline dress, the Grey version.
And I came to think of that it would be really cute to match this grey dress (and the bag also in grey) with Pink, more exact a Pink bolero. So I had to look for some bodyline boleros:

Yeah, this one is black on the picture, but you can buy it in Pink too. ^^ It's really down to earth and cute. and would go really well with the dress. ^^

But I've really fallen in love with this one, it's so cute. ^^ and would add a little more sweetness to the grey dress. ^^ However, I'm afraid that it will be to tight over the arms, beacuse as you can see the other bolero is looser around the arms than this one. But I'd like to buy both, just to see which one fits better. ^^ But first I have to wait for the Grey dress and bag to arrive before I can start to think about new things to buy. ^^v

The clothes in this post can be found here:


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