Wednesday, January 20, 2010

~Bodyline package & todays outfit~

So, this is what I bought from Bodyline:
4 Dresses
1 Eyelash curler
1 Bag

A princessy pink dress. ^^

An off-white floral dress. (however, the black version of this one, that I also bought, I sold it to my niece, since it didn't really fit me very well, and beacuse she looked so perfect in it. ^^

The lovely music-bag. ^^ so pretty.
And the matching Music-dress. ^^ However I have to make the armholes(?) a bit wider/deeper, to make it more comfortable to wear. ^^

Todays outfit:
Yeah, as you can tell, I own very much from bodyline, this dress is no exeption. ^^v
and the bolero is made out of an old top. The stocking and socks are also offbrand. ^^



  1. Oh how pretty! I love all of your dresses! It makes me want to buy more lolita clothes too =^_^="" Maybe I'll buy some of the same ones? I really like the gray music-dress!

    And the dress you are wearing is so cute! :3

  2. Thank you so much Priscilla! ^^ Ofcourse you can buy some of the same clothes, I think you would look great in them. ^^ Yes, the music-dress is very lovely. ^^

    Awh, thank you so much. ^^

  3. OMG! i want to buy this musical note.. is so lovely! But i don't know if is for me because I'm 100 cm bust.. i don't know is it comfortable...