Saturday, January 16, 2010

~Pink Strawberry inspired look with Bodyline clothes~

I was looking around on Bodyline's website, and I found that pretty Pink dress with dots, and I began to think about the Pink Strawberrybag, and boom, I wanted to find more clothes to make an outfit of it. ^^ Just for fun. I wouldn't mind owning this outfit myself though. ~
I know I've posted two bags for this outfit, but think if you want to carry alot of things with you, then it wouldn't be so bad to have one shoulderbag and one handbag, and they both match the Pink Strawberry theme I was going for. ^^ The pink strawberry earrings made it all really cute too. I think the white bolero would suit this outfit perfect too, I was concidering the pink version first, but decided that it would be a bit too much pink in this case. ^^
And well, I've always wanted a pair of Heartbuckle shoes, even though these are replicas of Babys lovely shoes. ~


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