Wednesday, January 12, 2011

~Zoë's new faceup - BJD talk~

The 5th of January I went to bring home my doll Zoë's head. A friend of mine made a new face up on her! ^^ And it's amazing:
Even without lashes and eyes she already look wonderful. ^^

Zoë with her new faceup and all. ~

Just because she's so darn cute! ~

My mum made a kimono for Zoë, 6th of January.~

And after alot of days of thinking I decided to sell my Ange Ai - Hani from Customhouse, She just wasn't Tiara anymore.
Even though she got a lovely kimono (made by my mum) aswell, she just wasn't Tiara. But now she has a great home with my friend Anna. She brought her on the 8th of January. ~

So with the money I sold Hani for, and some extra from my account, I brought a Littlefee Bisou (from Fairyland) as Tiara instead, and I'm sure it will be great! I love her. ~

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  1. Wow, those dolls looks so beautiful ;__; <3
    I really like those!!