Sunday, January 30, 2011

~The Studio - Photos of me~

Today (30/1-2011) Me and my sister, Sanna, and her "sisterinlaw" Malin went to a place called The Studio, where you can act as a model for a day. Which we all did. These are my pictures:

My first outfit:
JSK: Metamophose
Necklace: Baby the stars shine bright.

Second outfit:
Wasn't Lolita, but pretty anyways.
Dress and Cardigan: New Look (UK)
Necklace: Claire's (UK)

Third outfit:
JSK: Angelic Pretty
Necklace: Baby the stars shine bright
Shoes: RHS from Ebay.

I had alot of fun today. and got myself a bunch of cute pictures. ^^
Have you guys ever done something like this? ^^

1 comment:

  1. ehh~ so nice your place got that studio..
    I wish we had it here.. or maybe we do have it, just that i dont know bout it. lol..
    nice photoshoot~~ you look so pretty.. :3