Wednesday, January 12, 2011

~Longing for a home of my own~

A Swedish (not lolita) author of a blog called UnderbaraClara made this really clever accessory hanger.
A really lovely frame and then just a few threads as hangers for example earrings. ^^
I will definatly try this sometime, I have two golden frames that has nothing in them, so this will be great. ^^

And this brings me to "I long for a place to call my own"-part, at this moment I have a room at my school, where I live while I study, but during breaks and such, then it's back home to my parents place. Don't get me wrong, I love my family and I love our house, it's just that, as you all know, I'm 21 years old, and now I want an apartment of my own. (I've wanted that for over a year now)

This summer I don't know how many paintings I've brought but I love them all, but just one of them is on my wall in my room at home. (where I live with my parents) I have a beautiful rococo-inspired sofa/couch and lots of pretty thing for my future kitchen. I just really want to decorate an apartment for myself, make myself a place to call home, where I'm in charge of everything.

But I still have a year left at this school, so it's no point for me to get myself an apartment at this moment. But after I've finished this school, then I'll get myself an apartment, maybe go to university learn a few languages and learn how to start a buisness. ^^ So I'm really looking forward til the day I'm done getting my grades at this school. don't get me wrong again, I love this school, I really like it here, but I still want that apartment, and the feeling of that my life is acctually going somewhere.

oh, I guess this post got a bit more personal than I intended in the first place. Maybe some of you can recognize yourselves?
But otherwise the accessory hanger was nice wasn't it? ;)


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