Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I figured I should make a wishlist since Christmas and later my 21st birthday (4th of January) is coming up. So this post is mostly for my family. ~
My wishlist:
These shoes from Bodyline, Japanese size: 25. Colours: Pink, Brown and/or Black.
The "Little Ribbon and Pearl Wrist Cuffs" from Innocent World.

The "Emblem Embroidery Bag" also from Innocent World.

From Baby the stars shine bright I would like the "Princess Honey's tea salon Rose Ribbon Jumperskirt".

I'll continue the list of things I want here:
- Firefly complete series (299kr, Discshop)
- Serenity (59kr, Discshop)
- Criminal Minds Season 4 (499kr, Discshop)
- Dollhouse Season 2 (349kr, Discshop)
- Bones Season 2 --> (249kr, Discshop)
- Supernatural Season 1--> (249kr~, Discshop)
- Fruits Basket Book; 9 --> (Manga. adlibris)
- Buffy the vampire slayer, Wolves at the gate (Comic/Graphic Novel. 122kr, adlibris)
- Buffy the vampire slayer, Time of your life (Graphic Novel. adlibris)
- Buffy the vampire slayer, Predators and Pray (Graphic Novel. adlibris)
- Buffy the vampire slayer, Retreat (Graphic Novel. adlibris)
- Angel: After the fall vol: 1 --> (Graphic Novel. adlibris)
- Musical movies. like: The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Rent, Hair, Hairspray, Chicago, Crybaby, Phantom of the Opera.~ (You get my point, right?)
- Movies
So that's a few tips of what I wish for christmas and my birthday, ofcourse there is so much more that I will be happy for, and I'm sure you'll find something that suits my taste. ^^v
Good luck.~

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  1. Last - dress, is really pretty & cute :)