Saturday, October 23, 2010

~14th of October 2010, BJD box-opening, again.~

14th of October I went to a mini BJD-meetup.
And to explain a bit, when me and my sister got our Custom House dolls the weekend before we realized that my doll Pandora actually was Sannas character Stjärna (swedish for Star). So she bought it from me, since I didn't really connect with Pandora myself. And luckily a girl from another part of Sweden was selling a bjd I've wanted for a really long time: a minifee Ryeon. So I sold a doll so I could afford a new one. ^^v

I wore a light green makeup, however it doesn't show much in this photo. XD

(thanks to my friend Malin for all the awesome box-opening pictures lately!)

Look how cute she is:
I've decided to call her Zoë.

I had also bought a pair of socks for her, from another girl here in Sweden.



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