Friday, October 1, 2010

~25th of September 2010 - BJD meetup~

This day I went to a BJD meetup, with some other girls from my area.
It was alot of fun. and we ate alot of tasty sweets.~
I just have to warn you, the pictures from the meetup is mostly of my own doll, since I've already posted pictures from the meetup on other sites, more doll-related.
I went for a more sweet-casual style of Lolita this day.~

Cardigan: Halens
JSK: Bodyline
The rest: offbrand.~

BJD meet-up:
This is my yosd doll Pandora, she is a bambicrony Elf Charity. ^^
You might not recognize her from earlier pictures, since she's decided to be blond now. (she used to have brown hair)

Pandora also wanted to eat the yummy cookies.

Pandora and her best friend Odette in matching dresses. (My mum made these dresses, and Odettes dress was a birthday gift for her owner who had her birthday 5 days before this meetup.)

Pandora got her wings! ^^ (she also tried on a pink wig.)

She looks cute in almost anything. XD So I guess I have to buy her a pink wig too sometime. XD
I don't know why but I started to think about a tv-series that I saw as a child, Rainbow Brite, when I saw Pandora in this wig and outfit. ^^

I changed eyecolour on Pandora, from green to brown.

Pandora and Alexi. ^^

All of the dolls that attended this meetup, 24 dolls.
(there was one more doll at the meetup but the owner went home before this picture was taken.)


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