Saturday, October 23, 2010

~8th of October 2010, BJD box-opening~

Friday 8th of October I got my long awaited package from Custom House. I've waited for this order for almost 34 weeks! But finally I got my doll a Ange Ai - Hani. ~
My sister also ordered a doll with me, so she's the redhaired girl in the pictures. ^^v


This is what I got:
However, I did not like the default faceup that I got for her. it was just so blah, it didn't have blush or anything that made it life-like. >.<

But luckily I have a awesome sister who can make pretty face-ups for bjds. Yay for her! :D

New Faceup:
Look how pretty she is now! ^^ I'm so happy.~
Her name is Tiara.


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