Sunday, July 11, 2010

~Local Market, 10 July 2010.~

This day I went to a local market, which is in the area I live, three days in a row, once a year.

This year I looked like this:
Blouse: Made by my mum
JSK: Baby the stars shine bright
Bag: Bodyline
The rest: offbrand

This year I met up with Andrea. (author of Imperial Fiddlesticks)
I guess it's become a little bit of a tradition, or begining to be a tradition, to meet up with her at this specific Local Market every year. ^^ It's a very nice traditon in my opinion. ^^v
Neither of us bought much at the market except for lunch and water/fanta.
However this year the weather was much better, last year it rained so much we had to run and take cover at the apartment I lived in at the time. This year it only came a few drops falling from the sky, and only for a little while. ^^v

Andrea, stunningly pretty as usual. ^^ Her metamorphose dress was also wonderful, and suited her perfectly. ^^
I'm really looking forward meeting her some more this summer. We will meet again at the BJD-meet up we're having 17th of July. (when I will take home my first BJD! Yay! ^^)


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