Wednesday, July 7, 2010

~19 June 2010, Victorian era picnic~

I know I've been crazy late with my updates, but I guess when the summer weather comes you just want to be outside and do more fun stuff than just sit by your computer all day. ^^v

But now for the (very late) update:
19th of June I went to a Victorian era picnic, it was alot of fun, allthough the weather could definatly have been better. ^^v
I think the only brand (or sort of brand) things I wore were:
My Baby the stars shine bright necklace
and Bodyline bag, which is a replica of IWs house-bag. ^^

Me and my sisters, and my neice. ^^
My mum made my dress for me, I'm really pleased with it, it's so pretty. ^^

Everyone who showed up. ^^ (exept for my sister Sanna who took the picture.)

Typical english-weather? ;D just kidding. ^^v
At first we sat on the floor inside a house, beacuse of the horrid weather, then we found a dining-room in that house, where we sat for a few hours. Then we went outside to take pictures, then some people left and the rest of us took the picnic outside and after awhile the rain returned, ergo the umbrellas. ^^v

I had a lot of fun, and it was fun with another themed picnic. ^^
We also got to know about an victorian era game called "poor pussy", which was that they sat in a ring/circle, and then one got to be "poor pussy", crawling on all four on the floor, sounding like a sad cat, when that person the "poor pussy" stopped infrot of a person, that person had to say "poor pussy", with a straight face and pat the "poor pussy" on the head. If that person sucseeded with that task, the "poor pussy" had to crawl to a new person, but if the person didn't sucseed and laughed/didn't have a straight face, that person became the new "poor pussy", and so the game continued. ~ It was just some fun facts Tsuyu told us about. ^^


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