Friday, July 9, 2010

~BJD - Ball Jointed Dolls~

I've said before that I really adore BJDs, so I'll give you a small explaination about it.
BJDs are Ball Jointed Dolls, really pretty. You can mostly buy them from asian countrys such as Korea, China, Japan and so on. There are all different kinds of shapes and sizes of them, but most normal sizes are: YOSD = aproxomently 27cm, MSD = ~ 45cm, and SD = ~ 50-60cm.
If you want to know more about it, you can probably just google it. ;D

Now to the dolls I'm waiting for:
Ange Ai - Hani from Custom House.
However I've been waiting for her 20 weeks allready. >.<>.< (I made my order on 14th of February this year)
But they have said that they will try to send our(me, my sister and my friend) order before 1st of August.. I really hope that's true! Beacuse I'm really sick of waiting. >.<
But I'm really looking forward her coming home. ^^
The name I've decided for her is Tiara. ^^

Ciao Bella - Charity Elf from Bambicrony.
I'm buying her second-hand from a friend, and I will be able to take her home 17th of July. That's just 8 days away. And that's great, knowing exactly when I'll have her at home. ^^
The name I've decided for her is Pandora. ^^

I also have a wishlist:
Minifee - Karsh (Fairyland)
Minifee - Ryeon (Fairyland)
Littlefee - Ante (Fairyland)
Honey Delf - Choux (Luts)
Honey Delf - Lolly (Luts)


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