Tuesday, May 4, 2010

~Bodyline Order Arrival, 3/5-2010~

My Bodyline Order:
Love Nadia JSK.
It's supposed to be Green, but it looks really blue to me. XD

A White Heart-bag. It's so lovely and perfect. ^^

Pink Cardigan/Bolero.
Unfortunatly it was too small around my upper arms. :(

Lovely Poodle JSK.
Lovely dress, however, It was to small around the bust-area. :/

So the Poodle dress and the pink cardigan will probably be sold in the near future, but first I will lend it to a friend of mine, so that she can wear it to the lolita picnic on Saturday. ^^

Lovely Poodle Print.~



  1. Cute items! I really like the poodle dress. I aaaalmost bought the Love Nadia dress a few weeks ago but switched to a floral skirt at the last second.

  2. ah!! i love everything!!
    love the bolero.. totally need one.. D:

    ah! the bag is so adorable too.. lol.. ^^

  3. OOooh it all looks very cute and pretty ♥♥♥ Is it good quality? I know the bodyline quality gotten better over the years ♥♥♥

  4. Caro-chan:
    Thank you, I really like them alot. ^^ The poodle dress is so pretty, you should buy it, I think it only costs 25usd. ^^
    ah, allright, the love nadia dress is so pretty and comfortable. ^^

    thank you, hun! ^^
    You should buy one from Bodyline, they aren't as expensive as the brand clothes. ^^
    Yes, I love the bag. <3 it's perfect. ^^

    Thank you so much. ^^ Yes, I belive it's good quality, the lace on the love nadia dress is a bit ich-y when it's direct on your skin, but I'm pretty sure it won't be a problem after I've washed it. ^^
    Yes, absolutly the quality has gotten much better over the years, ofcourse it's not as good as most brands, but it's still good enough. ^^