Thursday, April 29, 2010

~Bodyline Order~

I ordered from Bodyline yesterday. ^^v
This is what I bought:

Love Nadia JSK, in green. ^^

Pink Cardigan. ^^
(I wanted the White version, but it got sold out. *sad*)

The Heart-bag in White. ^_^

And also a Poodle JSK. ^^
(although I'm not sure if it's the right size, but I figured, if I can't have it I'll just sell it to someone else. ^^v It only cost 25usd so, it was hard to resist. :P)

But it seems like this order will go really fast, bodyline said it would be in Sweden on Sunday, so I'll probably get my things at the beginning of next week! I'm so happy! ^^
So I will most definatly have my things before the Lolita picnic that is on Saturday, next week, 8/5-2010. ^^ I'm really looking forward to that. ^^



  1. Thank you! ^^ I'm really pleased with my order. ^^ I just hope it will come home soon. ^_^

  2. So much things you bought! xDD
    I love nadia print!!!

    ah~ At my place,we're going to have another lolita outing too~~ This time cupcakes attack!! xD

  3. All of the items are indeed lovely.

    Even though I caught one mistake in the list back when I was putting our joint order, I hope I ordered the right things. That's what I'm the most worried about, haha!

    I hope it's not too cold next week. Today would had been a horrible day for a picnic. It's so wet and cold. *shivers from the thought* No, 6°C and 93% humidity and rain is no ideal weather for next week! (>A<)

  4. Nana: Yeah, but I felt it was time for some new lolita clothes. ^_^
    oh, me too, the nadia print is lovely. ^^

    Really? that sounds like so much fun! you have to take pictures and show on your blog! ^^ <3 yay, cupcakes! :D

    An: thank you. ^^
    really? what mistake? you caught it, so it got fixed?
    Yeah, I really hope all the right things are on it's way now. ^^

    Yeah, I really hope the weather will be nice next week, although I'm pretty sure we'll all need to wear our coats/jackets if we're going to sit outside.