Wednesday, May 12, 2010

~8 May 2010, Lolita picnic~

Dress: Love Nadia JSK from Bodyline
Cardigan/Bolero: Bodyline, (modified by my mum)
Shoes: Montreal (LittleChiliLolitaShop @

So today I went to a Lolita picnic in Umeå, Sweden. The first one this year actually. We are'nt so many, but more than before, and I don't know all of the people who showed up, but my sisters and a friend of mine showed up with me. ^^

Me at the picnic.
It was good weather, and warm enough, allthough it wasn't summer warmth yet. But better than I had hoped for. ^^v

Two of my sisters, Sanna and Anette. (My other sister Klara was also there, she also wore Lolita from Bodyline, like my two sisters on the picture here. ^^)

My friend and classmate Amanda showed up, even though she doesn't wear lolita, or know much about it, she had a very cute outfit, who looked pretty gothic lolita-ish. ^^
(you can also see a few of the other lolitas who showed up, in the background.)

Yummy! ^__^

He he, a picture of me and my sister will end the pictures from today. (We were goofing around when we were putting on make up and putting on our dresses. :P )

I didn't take that many good pictures, that's why there are so few, but better than nothing, right? ^^v
I think there was only two people who wore Lolita brand clothing (from Angelic Pretty). But I belive that doesn't matter, I think you can look just as good in Bodyline anyways. (I got a bit angry at a person who was bashing Bodyline when almost everyone there was wearing it. o.O and she wasn't exactly silent about it.) (we sat in two different groups so I couldn't really tell her what I thought, from where I sat.) But I don't really got the energy to care about it, it sucks that she had to be so mean, but I know that you can look amazing both in Brand Lolita clothing and offbrand Lolita clothing. For me it doesn't matter if it's brand or not.

Anyway. I had a nice time, and the weather was nice. ^^ allthough we didn't stay long, the picnic began 13.00, and me, my sisters and a few friends went home around 15.00. But it got a bit cold then and we were all kind of tired so we decided to leave. ^^
So it's sad that the picnic got sort of devided, everyone wasn't really able to talk to everyone there, we sort of got seperated into two groups, like I said. ~ But apart from that, it was a great time. ^^v



  1. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself ♥♥♥ the weather is so nice in Swerden right now ♥♥♥

  2. Emmelie:
    Thanks. ^^ yeah, it really is, it's like summer allready. ^^

  3. hello~~
    nice post~♥
    your outing look much fun too..!

    i prefer both outdoor and indoor outing..
    there arent much outdoor outing like picnic here in my place because its very hot! @___@
    thats why most of the outing is indoor..
    you're very lucky since its cold.. lol..

    ah~~ the person you talk above might be a brand-whore or people who conscious about brand.. oh well.. we not the fortunate one who buy brand everyday desho..? as long as its proper and still in lolita guide line.. then its ok to me.. ^^

  4. Nana:
    Hi! ^^
    Thank you. ^^

    Oh, I can understand that you prefer to be indoors when it's so hot outside. ^^
    yeah, I guess I'm lucky in that way. :'D

    Absolutly a brand-whore.
    Exactly, I can't afford brand, not so much of it, since I'm studying and have no specific income. ergo I can't buy brand clothing everyday.
    That's exactly how I feel, as long as you look Lolita it doesn't really matter where the clothes are from. ^^

    But ofcourse, I dream about wearing nice Lolita brand clothing, but I really enjoy wearing bodyline or home made Lolita clothes as well. ^^

  5. Hejsan jag var också på picknicken. Jag tyckte dock inte det var så roligt då alla satt för sig själva. Nästa picknick hoppas jag folk pratar med varandra. Ett lolita meet ska ju vara för att prata om vårat gemensamma intresse "lolita fashion". Gärna också diskussionen om brand och bodyline, jag själv föredrar brand men jag har också köpt från bodyline och tycker att dem är ett utmärkt ställe att köpa basplagg och kläder som med lite ändring här och där skapar ett väldigt fint plagg. Brand lyckas inte alltid bli bra heller ^_^

    Hoppas vi får tid att prata nästa meet!

  6. Tsuyu:
    Hej! ^^ Va kul att få höra från någon som var där. ^^ och jag håller med dig, det var hemskt trist att vi blev uppdelade sådär. :/ Men nästa meetup, kom gärna fram och säg hej till mig, om du vet vem jag är, jag är inte helt säker på vem du är så. ^^v
    Absolut, diskutera brand och bodyline skulle jag gärna göra. ^^ och det låter som att du har en väldigt vettig inställning till det tycker jag. ^^

    Ja, det hoppas jag med. ^_^ Visst du kommer den 5e Juni? då blir det picknick igen i SF-parken. ^_^

  7. Jadå, det ska jag göra :D Då knackar jag på din axel och säger hej haha ^^

    Vi ses!