Sunday, May 16, 2010

~Fairykei - glasses~

All pictures were found here:
I've fallen in love with these wonderfully geeky-glasses. ^__^
And I really love when they are in these lovely baby-pastell colours.
I would like those glasses in these colours: baby pink, baby yellow, baby blue, white, black. perhaps in a baby mint green colour too. ^_^
However I have to face the facts, I don't have alot of money, so I don't think I can find a pair of these glasses that I can buy that are with glas that works with my eyes.
So I got the brilliant idea that I could use a pair of these new 3D glasses you get when you go to 3D movies. ^^ And you can colour them in some way so they'll be the colours that you want. ^__^ I would really like to try out that idea some time. I belive alot of girls allready have had that idea and done great. ^^

She's just so cute! ^_^
And the glasses suits her very well. ^^

This girl was just so adorable I had to show this picture.
Which I also found at the fairykei tumblr page. ^^

I don't know much about the Fairykei fashion, but I like what I see, however, I'm not sure I could work all the different styles, but I do get inspired. ^^
However Lolita is forever in my heart, so I like to mostly wear that fashion. ^^v But I don't mind trying out something else now and then. ~

So I would like these kinds of glasses that she's wearing, and also wear it with Lolita, or with any other fashion actually. If I feel like having that geeky-touch over my outfit, I'll just wear the glasses. ^^ And I think it would be great. ^_^
So, I guess we'll have to see how my idea goes, I'm pretty sure it will take awhile before I find a way to colour the 3D glasses and such. So hopefully my plan will happen someday, but I can't promise it will happen soon. ~


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