Thursday, April 15, 2010

~Baby the stars shine bright necklace~

10/3-2010 I got a package with my mail, and it was a Baby the stars shine bright plasticbag with two postcards and a necklace. My friend Andrea bought it for me when she was in Paris.

Baby the stars shine bright
Rose Ribbon Tiara Necklace:It's beautiful, elegant and just so lovely. >
I'm so greatful that she went to the store and bought it for me, ofcourse I paid for it myself, but I would probably never have bought it if she hadn't acted shopping service for me. So Thank you again. ^^



  1. That necklace is sooo pretty! You're very lucky!

  2. aww~~ so sweet of your friends.. ^^
    btw,visiting your blog~~

  3. Caro-chan: thank you. ^^ I love it, and feel really lucky to have it. ^^

    Nana: Yes, it was really sweet of her. <3
    thanks. ^^ I like your blog too. ^^

  4. thankss~~ (^______^)
    you like BJD too right..?
    can we be friends..? xD
    I would love a lolita friends from overseas.. >w<

  5. Nana: Yes, I like BJDs too. ^^ I'm waiting on my first doll right now. ^_^ it's a Ange Ai - Hani. ^^
    Ofcourse we can! ^^
    I would really like that too. ^^

  6. Ah!! That is exciting!! xD Dont forget to take pic of the box opening.. I really love to see that.. =3

    Yey! xD Im Nana..
    I have a very long name,but in here my friends just simplify it and call me that.. Maybe we can exchange email later..? ♥♥

  7. Nana: I agree, it's very exciting! ^^ I won't forget. I really like the box opening pictures too. ^^ I'm really looking forward for her to come home, but I'm afraid it will take a few more weeks. Customhouse have been really slow with shipping out. I've waited 9 weeks now, and it's still status "preparing order". :/ I've heard about some people who had to wait about 5 months for their order. But hopefully it will go faster for mine. ^^v

    Hi Nana! ^^ I'm Lisa. ^^
    Really? I'd like to hear/see your name sometime, even if it's very long. ^^ but Nana is a cute nickname. ^^
    Yeah, sure, I'd like that. I'll write my email here:

  8. ah.. thats a very long time to wait.. D:
    My BJD come around 1 month and a half only..
    ah~~ a girl ^^ very nice.. my second BJD will be a boy(again) >___<;; lol.. Hope she will come to your house safely.. ^___^

    -___- well,most having problem pronouncing my name too,that why.. heee~~ Thanks,Lisa~♥ I already add you in my msn.. ^^

  9. Yeah, it really is. But I guess it's beacuse of all of these Events that CH has. :/
    1 and a half month isn't so bad, that's how long it should take. so you were lucky. ^^
    Oh, which boy will your second BJD be? ^^
    Thank you, I hope she'll come home safely too. ^^

    aw, allright. ^^ no worries, I'll continue to call you Nana. ^^
    Great. ^_^ However I'm not on msn so much, but I can try to become better at that. ^^ I think I haven't been on my msn for like 6 month or so. :O But like I said, I'll give it a try, again. ^^

  10. Ahh~I see...
    He will be Mo,from edendoll..
    I dont know why,I really like the face sculpture from edendoll.. xD;;

    hehe~~ ^^ yey~
    Btw, ah~ D: thats quite long.. Sure!

  11. I've never been on edendoll before, but I looked around just now, and Mo is stunning. ^^ There were alot of dolls there that I liked. ^^
    awh, but that's good. ^^ then you know what you have to expect from their service, since you've ordered there before. ^^

    Yeah, indeed it is. ^^ But I've been on facebook and other communitys instead of msn. ^^