Sunday, April 18, 2010

~Baby - Embroidery Pocket JSK~

I'm so inlove with this dress. I want it so bad, if it's still on sale when I have saved up the money for it, I might just buy it. But I'm doubtful I'll manage in time.
But, a girl can dream, right? ^^



  1. unyuu~~ I want this too.. >____<
    but in blue colour..
    I saw the price dropped at Baby websites..
    My friends said it for promotion..?

  2. Yes, I also want it in navy-blue. ^^
    Yeah the prices did drop, but I have no idea why, but it is possible it's for promotion.
    Hopefully the dress will still be on sale, with that lower price, when I have saved up the money for it. ^^ I really, really want it. ^^