Sunday, December 11, 2011

~Lace & Petticoats - A Lolita Documentary~

I was just reading Xelyna's blog, and the Lolita Documentary that she's in is finished.

I really like it, it was very cute and inspirational. I always enjoy watching Lolita Documentarys, see how Lolitas from different parts of the world have it. For example I've never had any trouble being outside while wearing Lolita. Sure some persons stare and might have their opinions about it, but they don't scream out insults or throw things at us Lolitas. I'm more likely to get a nice compliment from an old lady or a young child. So that was quite interesting to see that these girls have a really hard time walking in their beloved fashion, alone, without being harrassed by someone.

How is it where you live? Can you walk outside in your Lolita outfit without being troubled by someone?


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