Thursday, November 3, 2011

~22nd of October 2011, Lolita meetup~

The 22nd of October I went to another Lolita meetup with my local community at a café.

My cousin Jonas came and sat with us for awhile. ^^

A new and adoreable face to come to our meetup was Mimmi. She came later (when Jonas left) and she had an amazing story to tell, she had been in a car accident just the day before but she wanted to stop by to say hello anyway. It was very nice to meet her. :)

Group photo with everyone exept Mia who took the picture. ^^v

Mia in her homemade dress. She's really good at sewing. ^^

Anette in a JSK our mother made. :)

Louise in a adoreable Angelic Pretty piece. ^^

Sanna in a elegant Metamorphose dress. ^^

And Me in my favorite Baby the stars shine bright JSK.

Shoe-photo. ~


I just had to show you Louise dress print. That horse is so fluffy and cute! ^__^

I'm really looking forward to the December meetups we are planning. ^^v

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