Friday, June 10, 2011

~International Lolita Day - 4th of June 2011~

As all of you probably know this years (summer) International Lolita Day was on the 4th of June. So I met up with a few local Lolitas, and had a really nice time. :)

Me, My niece Enika and my sister Anette
Anette slicing up the cheesecake. It was really yummy. :3
My friend Fanny had just bought a IW skirt second hand, so she decided to come to our meetup. She's not a lolita but she enjoys the fashion anyway. And she has a really cute style of her own. :)
Maria and Fanny. :)
Maria in her new wig. :)
Fanny also brought her BJD doll with her, her name is Cloud. :)
My sister Sanna and a fashionable young man named Olow. :)
Me and my sister Klara. (she did not wear Lolita this time, but it was nice of her to show up anyway. :) )
Klara and Enika. :)
Enika and Anette. :) Daughter and Mother.
So that's the pictures from our little picnic meetup. :) We were only about 7 people wearing Lolita or Kodona/Dandy/Aristocrat clothing. But it was a really nice meetup. :)

How did you celebrate International Lolita Day?


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