Sunday, August 29, 2010

~Lolita meet-up, 28th of August 2010.~

This is what I wore at the small Lolita gathering we had this Saturday. ^^
Necklace: Baby the stars shine bright
Dress: Made by my mum
the rest: offbrand.~


The pretty girl in the pink angelic pretty dress is Louise, she's the one who decided we all should meet this day. ^^

Anton, the only boy who showed up this time, in a lovely Kodona outfit. ^^

Emelie and Emma.
This was Emmas first try at Lolita. (Emma is the girl in Pink bodyline jsk) She looks absolutly stunning! ^^

Me and my tasty lemon cheesecake and irishcream latte.~

Louise and my sister Sanna. ^^


We were 6 persons who showed up for the meetup. ^^
I had a great time, we all got to talk more than usual so that was really nice. ^^
We talked about things like dreams, nostalgic childhood tv-shows/movies and ofcourse about Lolita.

After the meetup, me, Sanna and my other sister Anette went to a chinese resturant. (my niece Enika was also there.~)



  1. ohh.. i love your dres... so pretty.. U look beautiful princess =)

  2. BlondHime: Awh, thank you so much. <3

  3. This was nice post! ^^ All clothes looks great and lovely! ~Anni

  4. Jättejättefint!!! :D Du är helt galet söt!

  5. Det ser hemskt mysigt ut! Hoppas det blir många café meets i vinter så vntermörkret blir ljusare. Nån gång måste min hälsa bli lite bättre också + att jag är kvar i stan så jag med kan komma!

  6. Meri ja Anni: Thank you. ^^ Your blog is really cute, however I don't understand what you write, but it was pretty pictures. ^^

    Linda: Awh, tack så jättemycket! ^__^ vad glad jag blir. <3

    Det var riktigt mysigt faktiskt och jag tror att jag hittade ett favorit bakverk, den där cheesecaken var lovely. <3 ;D och absolut, jag är på om vi har fler meetups i vinter, gärna på café. ^^

  7. That dress is beautiful! I love the big bold pattern on the fabric and the neckline looks so pretty with a blouse under it!

  8. Ohnej, den missade jag :( Men det ser välsigt mysigt ut ^^