Monday, August 2, 2010

~17 July 2010, BJD meet-up, my first BJD!~

My outfit:
Cardigan/Bolero: Halens (swedish mailorder shop)
Necklace: Baby the stars shine bright.
JSK: Bodyline
The rest: offbrand.

At the BJD meet-up I got to open the box with my first BJD! ^^
Here are some pictures of the box opening:

Happy doll owner! ^_^

It was alot of fun opening the doll box for the first time at a local bjd meet-up since they are all really nice and supporting there. ^^ But it was also really funny that while I was opening the box everybody went totaly silent, so I got a bit nervous since noone said anything and just watched what I was doing. XD
I had already decided a name for her before I got her, and that name is:

Yuki and Pandora.
Yuki is Andrea's doll, Imperial Fiddlesticks.

Pandora in her "real" wig. ^^v
Pandora is a Bambicrony - Elf Charity.
She's about 27cm tall.

18 July my mum made a dress for my doll:
20 July my sister, Sanna, got to do a new face-up on Pandora,
since her old one was broken:



  1.'s really cute..hte look on the eyes is just...gloomy and lonely..nice one!

  2. Thank you so much! ^__^ I really love her, she's so pretty. ^^ and I also like her gloomy and lonely look. ^^v