Friday, February 12, 2010

~Outfit of the day, clothes and sushi~

Dress: Baby the stars shine bright.
Blouse: Made by my mum
Tights & Stockings: offbrand

Yes, I wore this at school, I don't mind wearing Lolita in public, since I feel that the Lolita fashion is a part of me, I love wearing it, it makes me happy. ^^ And if I don't wear fullblown lolita clothes I atleast wear something lolita-friendly, ordinary clothes but with a touch of lolita. Exept some days when you just don't feel like making an effort, then I wind up in loose pants and a hoodie too, but that's only on "feel-bad-days". ^^v
I also wore this when I went to town to meet my great friend Tova, we met up and ate sushi, (yum!) and after that we went to a café to drink latte. We talked about alot of things but at the end we mostly talked about Lolita. ^^ (She's also a lolita. ^^v) It was a lot of fun! ^^


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