Thursday, April 28, 2011

~Introducing Tiara (BJD)~

These are my two dolls, BJDs, Zoë (Minifee Ryeon from Fairyland) and Tiara (Littlefee Bisou from Fairyland.)

So this is my newest one. And she's so adorable! :)

I got her 18th of March this year. ^^
(That's the same day as my cousin gave birth to her baby girl, same year aswell.)

Here are some picture my friend Malin took of Tiara: (It's Malin's doll dress)

So she's definatly adorable in Lolita aswell. :3

I've had a break during easter, that's why I haven't written anything here for over a week. And as you allready know I don't post here regular in the first place, but I try. ^^ Might get easier now when summer is coming, the local Lolita community will probably have more meetups, so there will be more Lolita pictures to come. ^^v


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