Saturday, September 4, 2010

~My newest Lolita Jsk!~

The 2nd of September I went home to my parents place over the weekend and this lovely Metamorphose JSK was at home waiting for me:
I bought it from a friend from south of Sweden, she got if from this years lucky pack! ^^
It's really really pretty, however I think it looks a bit wierd over my bust, the shirring doesn't want to play nice there, (it's probably just in my head) but I think it will work just fine with a bolero/cardigan over it. ^^
I'm really happy with it, I will wear it tomorrow when I'm going back to school again. ^^



  1. Such a cute JSK! I just love it, it's so simple and sweet looking.

  2. Caro-chan: Thank you so much! ^^ I really love it too. ^^

  3. beautiful dress!
    lucky U! :)

  4. BlondHime: awh, thank you so much! ^^

  5. ah look nice.. cant wait for you to wear it~~ :D

  6. Nana: awh, thank you, sweetie! <3 I've made a post with pictures of me in it. ^^