Sunday, June 6, 2010

~Lolita day! 5th of June 2010~

On the international Lolita day I went to a local Lolita picnic. ^^

I curled my hair and wore a hat that my sister Anette made for me. ^^

Bolero: Bodyline
JSK: Angelic Pretty
The rest: Offbrand. ^^v

So this is how the dress I bought second hand looks. I absolutly love it. ^_^

My niece Enika, me and my sister Sanna.~

My sisters Klara and Anette, Enika and Klaras boyfriends daughter Lilja. ^^

I got to talk to Tsuyu for the first time, he's such a sweetheart. ^^
I really enjoyed talking to him and he's super cute. ^^

I wanted a photo with some other lolitas. ^^
Louise, Tove, Tsuyu and myself. ^^v
(there where more people there but I'm to lazy to upload a whole bunch of pictures. sorry. ^^v)

This meetup were alot more fun then the other one, since this time we all sat in a circle and could see and talk to everyone there. we were not in little groups this time, so like I said, that's a plus. ^^v
It was sort of special since the local newspaper interviewed some of us and took photos. ^^ the journalists were really nice and professional. Now I'm really looking forward to see the artical about this. But I'll have to wait until next Saturday. ^^

For my Swedish readers:
Har mer bilder från picknicken på min bilddagbok:



  1. hey i'm Idreaminlolita from your blog is really good! :) if you have time would you check out mine and give me some tips? thanks a ton

  2. Hello! ^^ thank you so much. ^^
    I checked it out but it doesn't seem to be finished? there is alot of broken pictures and such. but I'm really looking forward to seeing your blog when it's done. ^^
    I just made it easy for myself and went with a layout that blogspot has, in that way I know that everything works. ^^

  3. hello~~
    your lolita day look fun too!! Everyone seems to have picnic on loli day i guess..? Is it great!? *^^*
    Your place,the grasses look super greener than my place... lol..
    Its super fun.. Its your whole family is into lolita.. I envy you.. ><


  4. Hi Nana! ^^
    thank you it was alot of fun much better than the last one. ^^ And I think you're right, there are alot of lolitas who decides to have a picnic on lolita day, atleast on the summer lolita day. ;D It's absolutly great! ^^
    awh, yeah the grass is pretty green here, that's really great with summer here, the nature is so pretty. ^^
    Yeah, I'm really glad all of my sisters (and even my niece) likes Lolita fashion. however some of them only like to dress up for picnics and such, but that's great too. ^^

    love //Lisa.